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Department of Education

Education is the process of learning or acquisition of knowledge , skills , values , beliefs and habits. Some authors emphasize its value to the individual while others emphasize on its role the society. The purpose of education in a given time and place affects who is taught , what is taught and how the system behaves. The world is changing at quicker pace and the knowledge of yesterday becomes obsolete today. The emphasis is to shift skills of learning to pick up new knowledge. Education as a subject includes educational psychology , learning modalities , educational neurosciences and philosophy of education. Deptt, of Education of our college is enriched with  good no. of faculties who always put their best to inculcate the value of education among the students.

Faculty Members

  • Mrs. Sarama Nayak (Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Souvick Nayek (State Aided College Teachers (SACT))
  • Miss. Dibya Dan (State Aided College Teachers (SACT))
  • Sri Debabrata Nandi (State Aided College Teachers (SACT))
  • Miss. Baisakhi Khanra (State Aided College Teachers (SACT))