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College Flora

Flora is the plant life occurring in a particular region on time. Plants are grouped into floras based on region floristic regions, periods, special environment or climate. Our College is also a natural habitat of different floras. Almost 2/3 of the College campus is covered by the natural and planted forest. We can found different species like Utricularia, Drosera, Philocoxia, Scrophulariaceae etc. Some Shrubs and herbs including species of Oldenlandia, Convolvulaceae, Ziziphus, and some other similar species grow on laterite soil. Many common plants like Mango, Palm, Jackfruit, Sal, Sonaj

Snake Awareness

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Green Audit Report

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Training of First Aid

College authority with the NSS units jointly conducted practical sessions to train few students for basic first aid treatment. In association with the local medical unit of the Labpur block college authority tries its best to build a quick response medical unit in the campus by its students. First aid training is become popular among the students day by day.